About Us

Reliable oil expeller manufacturer

Since 1983, Yingda began oil mill machinery fabrication as a small home business. With more than 30 years growth, now we are a professional oil expeller manufacturer that integrate development, manufacturing and sales.

Aiming at easy operation and high output, Yingda has developed a wide range of  commercial and home use oil mill machinery, that can be used for 20+ oilseed. From oilseed pretreatment, pressing to oil clarification, Yingda can always provide you with efficient and affordable solution.

No matter rich or poor, big or small, Yingda hope that countries all over the world can enjoy more and  healthy vegetable oil easily by using our products.

oil expeller manufacturer
30 Years Experience
1000+ Installations
10+ Countries Exported

In-House Machining

Precise machining makes stable performance

Only experienced manufacturers knows how those parts exactly work and what are their best tolerances.

The performance of an oil press largely depend on stability and compatibility of machined spare parts. From geometrical shape to dimension, Yingda ensure every machining process is finished strictly according to drawing.

20+ Lathes
5 CNCs
1500+ Machined Daily

In-House Heat Treatment

Face hardened spare parts for longer life.

As wearing parts, worms and cage bars are most likely to be worn due to continuous friction with oilseed in compressing stage.

At Yingda, all freshly machined wear parts need to be heat treated. We adopt carburization + quenching technology to enhance hardness and wear resistance of wearing parts, so as to prolong their service life.