Centrifugal Oil Filter

Different ingredients in crude oil have different density and they do not solvate with each other. With the centrifugal force generated by high speed rotation, liquid and suspended substance in pressed crude oil are separated.

After centrifugal force stopped, light purified oil run out first due to force of gravity,while heavy particles in crude oil are attached to inner wall of drum of centrifugal oil filter.

Available Model: SYZ-50, SYZ-60

Output: 125-175 kg/h

Packing Method: Ply wood pallet

Delivery Time: 10 – 15 days

Payment:  T/T  (30% deposit ,balance 70% before delivery)

  • Easy operation and maintenance, fit for small oil plant
  • Filtered oil are clear and with purity grade, can be consumed and sold directly
  • Stable triangle bracket structure
  • Springs installed for shock absorption
  • 100% dynamic and static balance test for safety
  • Quick filtering. Every batch need just 3-4 minutes.
  • No filter screen or cloth needed
  • Energy saving. Turn off motor after rotation reaches normal rotation speed (2-3 minutes after running)
Output20-25 kg/time35-45 kg/time
Drum Dia.430 mm500 mm
Transmission TypeBeltBelt
Motor1.5 kw2.2 kw
Rotation Speed1800 r/min1800 r/min
  1. Centrifugal oil separator must be fixed to a plane surface by screws before running. Non flatness may cause eccentric running
  2. Add 1-1.5% hot salt liquor into fresh pressed oil and mix. Salt liquor is for dephophorization purpose. On the other hand, particles become heavier after slat liquor is absorbed
  3. Pour mixed crude oil in to centrifugal separator and then turn on power.
  4. After 2-3 minutes turn off power and use inertia force to separate oil and suspended substance
  5. Purified oil will run out automatically after rotor stops.
  6. All this process takes 5-6 minutes only, 125-175 kg/h purified oil is available
  • Add edible oil to oil hole 2-3 times every day for bearing lubrication
  • Clean oil mud on inner wall of drum every 400-600 kg
  • Clean oil mud on outer wall of drum every 7-10 days. Loosen screw at the bottom of drum, then take out drum. After cleaning, put drum, disk and O ring in position, at last screw down. ( Not to tight in case of crack)