Hydraulic Olive Oil Press

Hydraulic oil press is a kind of oil extraction equipment which works on the principle of liquid static pressure transmission theory. Generally oil is hydraulic medium and vegetable oil is squeezed out.

Hydraulic type oil press is featured with quality oil cake and low electricity consumption. Compared with screw type oil press, it works intermittently. You have to road limited oilseed every time, discharge cake and then reload again.

However, it’s irreplaceable when handling with special oilseed, such as olive.

Model: 6YZ-150, 6YZ-180, 6YZ-230, 6YZ-260, 6YZ-320

Packing Method: Ply wood pallet

Delivery Time: 10 – 15 days

Payment:  T/T  (30% deposit ,balance 70% before delivery)

Why Hydraulic Type For Olive Oil

Olive oil must be extracted by hydraulic type oil press.

Although screw type oil press apply to a wide range of oilseeds, but not for olive. Many scientist tried to improve this because screw oil press can works continuously, but they failed. Screw oil press does not work on rheology property of olive pulp at all.

Actually due to strong plasticity of olive pulp, material in cage can not generate any pressure and thus do not lead to any oil extraction.

That’s why we have to extract olive oil by hydraulic oil press.

Material Bin Dia.150 mm185 mm230 mm260 mm320 mm
Max Material Road2 kg4 kg8 kg11 kg15 kg
Pressing Time8 min8 min10 min12 min12 min
Nominal Pressure55 Mpa55 Mpa55 Mpa55 Mpa50 Mpa
Working Pressure65 T100 T175 T230 T265 T
Motor0.75 kw1.5 kw1.5 kw1.5 kw2.2 kw
Heating Collar0.6 kw0.8 kw0.9 kw1.0 kw1.2 kw
Weight250 kg750 kg1050 kg1400 kg2000 kg
Dimension400*500*850 mm500*600*1100 mm600*750*1350 mm650*900*1450 mm800*950*1700 mm