Oil Extraction Machine For Home

Worrying about edible oil quality in market and your family’s health? Are you happen to own a small oil crop farm in backyard?

Why not try our oil expeller machine for home use? No matter cold or hot pressed, you will witness how your oilseed is turned into tasty and healthy vegetable oil with natural flavor.

Don’t forget oil cakes, they are good fertilizer and feedstuff!

Model: 6YL-30

Press Method: Cold or Hot

Packing Method: Ply wood pallet

Delivery Time: 10 – 15 days

Payment:  T/T  (30% deposit ,balance 70% before delivery)

  • Compact design and light weight
  • Stainless hopper and oil receiver
  • Available for cold and hot pressing
  • Fit for 20+ kinds of oilseed
  • Easy continuous operation, pressing and oil purification can be finished at the same time
  • Universal wheels ensure good mobility
  • Carburized + quenched worm and cage bars for longer service life
  • High oil output
  • Easy disassemble and maintenance

This oil making machine for home consist of main body, gear box, cage assembly, oil filtering and electric control unit.

  1. Main body is made up of frame and wheels
  2. Gear box unit consists of transmission gear wheel, drive shaft and pulley
  3. Cage assembly includes cage, cage bars, cake outlet, shaft and hopper. All these are key spare parts that will affect oil pressing directly
  4. Oil filtering unit comprises vacuum pump, air pocket, glass container, air valve
  5. Electricity control system contains temperature gauge, voltage indicator, buttons and leakage protection
Worm Dia.38.5 mm
Worm Rotation Speed80 r/min
Cage Inner Dia.40 mm
(rape seed)
10-20 kg/h
Residual Oil Rate in Cake≤8%
Motor1.5 kw
V Belt TypeA
Net Weight126 kg
Dimension700*700*940 mm
Reference Table
Oil SeedOil YieldCake Thickness
Rape Seed33-42 %0.4-1 mm
Tea Seed30-36 %
20-26 % unshelled
0.8-1.5 mm
Soybean8-12 %0.6-0.8 mm
Peanut35-40 %
28-32 % unshelled
0.3-0.6 mm
Sesame38-50 %0.4-0.6 mm
cotton seed10-15 %0.4-0.6 mm
Tung Seed45-52 %0.6-0.8 mm
Sunflower Seed45-50 %0.3-0.6 mm