Oilseeds Cleaning Sieve

During harvest, transport and storage process, different kinds of impurities get into oilseed inevitably. We have to minimize impurity content to ensure quality of pressed oil.

With relative movement of oilseed and screen surface, impurities that are bigger or smaller than oilseed will be cleared off based on size difference. To filter both major and minor impurities thoroughly, a combination of multi layers with different size screening holes is required.

Output: customizable

Packing Method: Ply wood pallet

Delivery Time: 10 – 15 days

Payment:  T/T  (30% deposit ,balance 70% before delivery)

  • High efficiency with accurate screening performance
  • Impurities discharge automatically
  • Quick clamping makes it easier to use
  • Different screen mesh available for different oilseeds
  • Customized single or multi layer (up to 5 layers)
  • Stainless steel punched sieve plate or wire knitted net available
  • Sealed sieve box prevent from flying dust
  • Shock absorption springs under sieve box keep main body stable