Oilseeds Roasting Machine

To get quality hot pressed vegetable oil,  70% trick lies in cooking of oilseeds while 30% in pressing. Cooking is a vital step in oil extraction process.

Actually rotary oilseed roaster is a kind of cooker that heat up oilseeds before pressing. Oilseeds roasted by rotary roaster are featured with high temperature, low moisture and strong aroma, which are in best condition for hot pressing.

Model: DCCZ 3-4, DCCZ 5-4, DCCZ 3-6, DCCZ 5-5, DCCZ 5-10, DCCZ 7-10,

DCCZ 7-15, DCCZ 9-16, DCCZ 12-16

Output: 6YL-30A (15-20 kg/h), 6YL-60A (25-30 kg/h)

Packing Method: Ply wood pallet

Delivery Time: 10 – 15 days

Payment:  T/T  (30% deposit ,balance 70% before delivery)

  • 304 food grade stainless steel rotary drum and frame
  • Clockwise to roast and counter clockwise to discharge
  • Intelligent temperature control prevent under or over heated
  • Rotation speed controllable according to different kinds of oilseed
  • Double insulation layer to reduce surrounding thermal radiation
  • Adopts electromagnetic heating and is free from any pollution
  • Composite rotary drum save 45% power than traditional direct electricity heating type
  • PLC is convenient for quick digital setting, ensure every batch is heated in same condition
  • Automatic diagnosis shows failure clearly
Drum Size
DCCZ 3-45-150.18220730×510×800300×400
DCCZ 5-48-200.25220930×660×1270500×400
DCCZ 3-610-200.18220910×510×800300×600
DCCZ 5-510-300.25380930×660×1270500×500
DCCZ 5-1030-600.43801580×750×1330500×1000
DCCZ 7-1050-2501.13801650×950×1520700×1000
DCCZ 7-15100-3501.53802000×950×1520700×1500
DCCZ 9-16150-30033802000×1190×1650900×1600
DCCZ 12-16150-45043802170×1540×22351200×1600